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CDS: INCORE's Information Bank in Conflict Resolution and Ethnicity on the Internet

INCORE Guide to Journals concerned with Conflict and Peace
Information relating to both electronic and hard copy journals which includes subscription and submission details. Updated for 2003

INCORE Guide to Academic programs in Peace and Conflict Studies
A compilation of internet materials relating to the various courses on peace and conflict studies, currently offered in the UK and Ireland, continental Europe and North America. Updated for 2001

INCORE Guide to Organisations and Institutes concerned with Peace and Conflict
A collection of internet sources which cover a large number of the organisations and institutes concerned with peace and conflict, across the world. Updated for 2001

INCORE Guide to Training Resources for Situations of Ethnic Conflict
A variety of organisations, programmes and courses, which currently offer training for those involved in situations of ethnic conflict.

INCORE Guide to General Resources in the Field of Conflict Resolution and Ethnicity
A collection of more general resources, which deal with the issue of conflict resolution and ethnicity.

INCORE Guide to Resources in Conflict and Peace Studies
A collection of general resources, which deal with the issue of conflict and peace.

INCORE Guide to Recent Peace Agreements and Cease-Fires
This is an inexhaustive list of recent peace accords and cease-fires arising from protracted ethnic conflicts around the world.

INCORE Guide to Relevant Fellowships
A collection of internet sources which cover the various organisations and institutes offering scholarships and fellowships related to the field.


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