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INCORE's Guide to Resources in Conflict and Peace Studies

Resources in Conflict and Peace Studies provides a list of services which are concerned primarily with conflict and peace rather than with ethnic conflict specifically.

  • Major services - services which host substantial quantities of unique information
  • Guide services - services whose prime function is to guide you to other services
  • Organisations - organisations which provide more than simply information about the organisation.



Major services

Colorado Conflict Research Consortium (CCRC), University of Colorado, USA.
CCRC addresses difficult long-term conflict and their research is focused in four main areas; environmental, racial and ethnic, gender, and deep-rooted moral conflict. Their archive houses newsletters, a large archive of working papers, program information, brochures. It also provides an extensive list of efficiently-indexed Peace and Conflict Resources on the internet.

Home of Peace Studies and Conflict Research
This provides directories of Peace and Conflict programs, organisations and publications.

Peace- keeping Operations Bibliography, by the United Nations.

Includes only English language monographs published between 1945-1996 and does not as of yet include anything published by the United Nations itself.

UN Peacekeeping Operations
This page lists UN Peacekeeping Missions, provides maps, mission statements, and gives access to reference papers through gopher. UNDCP Key Word Search,

searches the full text of General Assembly, ECOJOC, CND, and Security Council Resolutions.

Global Security Program University of Cambridge, UK, houses the Journal of Humanitarian Assistance .

Full text of the journal is available online as well as occasional papers and lecture series which deal with everything from early warning to post conflict peace-building.

Program on Peacekeeping Policy at George Mason University.

The principal original resources on the server are;

  • Information about United Nations peacekeeping missions, a major resource which the PoPP are putting up using information from the UN's Department of Public Information. It is useful and comprehensive and includes a map interface to the information.
  • An index to UN Security Council Resolutions. The resolutions themselves are actually hosted by the UNDP gopher.

Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation of the University of California.

This provides information about the IGCC and about its campus programs.It also provides the full text of all documents published by IGCC. They are organised by geographic area and include;

  • The IGCC Newsletter
  • Policy Briefs
  • Policy Papers
  • IGCC Studies in Conflict and Cooperation
  • and more...

Choose Ethnic Conflict/Regional Relations from the home page


A major resource which is placing information on its Web-server and its gopher on behalf of a wide range of other institutes, among them the OSCE and the Western European Union.

The NATO gopher includes a wide range of services, from a news digest produced by the 'Caucasian Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development', to archives of research papers from various defence and conflict research centers.

Peace and Conflict Studies

A journal with full text articles on line.

The War-Torn Societies Project, Geneva, Switzerland.
It is a joint activity of the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development and the Graduate Institute of International Studies. The project focuses on post-conflict reconstruction by the consolidation of peace and sustainable development in selected war torn areas. The Website provides country links, newsletters, publications, and field oriented research. It deals with rebuilding a society.

Disarmament Diplomacy
This is a monthly journal produced by Dfax which offers a review of news and documents relating to arms control, disarmament, and opinion pieces. Strong UN focus.



Guide services

Peace and Security WWW Server
This is maintained by the Canadian Forces College, Information Resource Centre, Toronto. One of its principal services is

The Peace and Security Integrated Internet Resource Guide,

a comprehensive bilingual (English/French) index to Internet resources on the following subjects:

  • armed forces of the world (interactive map)
  • contemporary conflicts (interactive map)
  • international relations
  • military art and science
  • peace, disarmament and arms control
  • peacekeeping

The Ian Web International Affairs Resources
This is part of the World Wide web Virtual Library and provides links to internet resources by various categories, including peace and conflict, peacekeeping, and human rights. They provide a brief description of each entry.

Center for Security Studies and Conflict Research, (CSSCR), Zurich, Switzerland.
This is a Center which concentrates on security policy and conflict analysis. It houses the Environment and Conflicts Project (ENCOP), Information Revolution and International Security project, (iris), and the International Security Network, (ISN),
"Your one-stop information network for security and defence studies, peace and conflict research and international relations". ISN Discussion groups are available with archives of previous discussions. The International Security Network allows you to search topic areas and. provides well-organised indexes. Under 'What's New' ISN list new relevant internet sites with brief descriptions. ISN lists sites by country, region and research area.




This is one of the services under the ambit of the IGC. Conflictnet is 'a network of people dedicated to promoting the constructive resolution of conflict.' At the moment this webserver is mainly a pointer to other sites and the gopher mainly contains information about conflictnet itself.

This is a service under the ambit of the IGC. Peacenet is 'a world-wide computer network serving organizations and individuals working for positive change in the areas of peace, social and economic justice, human rights and the struggle against racism. PeaceNet is also a repository for current information ranging from disarmament, economic justice, immigrant rights, the prison system, indigenous peoples and many more. At the moment this webserver is mainly a pointer to other sites and this server mainly contains information about Peacenet itself.


United States Institute of Peace

The USIP home page points to internet resources in conflict resolution, particularly relating to Northern Ireland and South Africa

SIPRI, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.
The SIPRI web-server contains information about SIPRI, information about SIPRI publications, including their yearbook and information about SIPRI research projects. It also hosts documents relating to arms control and disarmament.

Centre for Strategic Leadership (CSL) US.
This was established for the study of peace operations at the strategic and high operational levels by the US Army War College. The web site provides abstracts of military studies produced by CSL It also provides information about the US Army Peacekeeping Institute (PKI).

Conflict Studies Research Centre (CSRC)
This part of the UK Royal Military Academy, runs a gopher that provides academic and political papers on conflict with an emphasis on Eastern Europe. It provides the full text of some papers written by academics.

Project Ploughshares, Ontario, Canada.
This is run by the Canadian Council of Churches. The project undertakes research to promote the peaceful resolution of political conflict. It includes the full text of their quarterly newsletter, various articles, and research. The project promotes citizen advocacy/peace intervention. The material concentrates on Canadian foreign policy.

Fellowship of Reconciliation, (FOR), New York, US.
This provides information on FOR, copies of the magazine, conference information, and lists other sites that deal with non-violence, the majority of which are also religiously or spiritually affiliated.

Department of Peace Studies at Bradford, UK.
The web site offers information on their courses of study and also houses the International Peacekeeping News a bi-quarterly journal published by Dfax and the Department of Peace Studies. The journal is indexed and selected extracts of the articles can be viewed. Their main focus is on the UN's role but other peacekeeping initiatives are featured.

The Carter Center, Atlanta, Georgia, US.
Relevant Carter Center programs include conflict resolution, human rights, and individual country programs. It provides copies of the centres news releases, reports, and speeches. The Carter Center Reports are indexed but only a few of these can be accessed via the internet.

The L B Pearson Canadian Peacekeeping Training Centre
This is part of The Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies, (CISS). They conduct research and provide advanced training. This site gives information about the centre and has a discussion forum about a specific peacekeeping issue.

The Foundation for the Prevention and Early Resolution of Conflicts, (PERC), New York, US.

PERC focuses on dispute resolution. The Website offers 'The Game of Conflict' which outlines the principles and practices of Conflict Resolution. It also provides news articles, and an interactive forum on conflict issues and current events. Not primarily focused on ethnic conflict.

The Project on Peacekeeping and the United Nations,
This project is part of the Council for Liveable World Education Fund (CLEF), Washington, DC, US. The page contains reports, analysis of legislation affecting peacekeeping, polls, and public opinion, and gives links to other sites.

Peacekeeper's Home Page Ontario, Canada.
This gives daily news stories about Canadian peacekeeping missions.

Caucasian Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development (CIPDD)
This is an Institute that focuses primarily on the ethnic conflict in Georgia and the former Russian Republics. Its Gopher offers the full text of articles by researchers about the problems of transition to democracy and peace.

Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University, Washington DC, US
Through the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy (ISD) the school puts out publications which include ISD reports and Pew Case Studies of International Affairs.
The cases are indexed by subject, title and author but complete text cannot be accessed on the internet and must be ordered.

Peace Brigades International, (PBI), London, UK.
This is a group that implements non-violent approaches to peacekeeping. The website gives information on the PBI projects and reports on the missions which include Guatemala, Sri Lanka, North America, Haiti, Chiapas, Balkans, and Colombia in full text. They also index web sites for their specific regions of inquiry.

International Institute for Strategic Studies, (IISS) London, England.
The Institute is a private non-profit organisation that focuses on conflict with any type of military content. They conduct numerous research projects and summaries of each are provided on the web site. They also provide indexes for several publications.

Center for Strategic Studies, (CSS), Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.
It focuses on security of New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region. They provide the full text of working papers and access to their political science journal Ante Podium.

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