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INCORE in Second Life

The INCORE in Second Life project seeks to bring new technologies to bear on peacebuilding work.INCORE in SECOND LIFE IMAGE  INCORE has built, in consultation with the School of Computing and Intelligent Systems, an INCORE centre in Second Life - a virtual 3D world used by over 10 million people worldwide.

Our Virtual World

INCORE in Second Life seeks to introduce visitors to the main aspects of the conflict in and about Northern Ireland. Video screens show short films explaining the background to the political conflict, as well as outlining the significance of peace walls, murals and flags in the Northern Ireland conflict.

To complement this we have built a virtual peace wall, a mural gallery and flag park. An INCORE building, which provides information on our work, as well as seminar rooms for virtual discussion, is also featured. A section of this building is dedicated to the promoting the work and activities of ARK.

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Videos Featured in Second Life

Background to the Northern Ireland Conflict   View Video
by Dr. Cathy Gormley-Heenan
Flags   View Video
by Dominic Bryan
The Impact of Peace WallsView Video
by Jonny Byrne
Experience of Peace WallsView Video
by Caitlin ni Chathail
Experience of Peace Walls (Presented in the Irish Language)View Video
by Caitlin ni Chathail
Remembering: Victims, Survivors and Commemoration in Post Conflict N. IrelandView Video
by Professor Tom Fraser
Walls and CulturesView Video
by Prof Hisham Elkadi
Peace WallsView Video
by Prof Arthur Aughey
MuralsView Video
by Prof Bill Roulston


If you are a Second Life user our address is:


If you want to learn more about Second Life and join, visit www.secondlife.com

Upcoming Events

On 26 May, at 3pm GMT – INCORE will be hosting, in partnership with the School of Policy Studies, a virtualPeace lines in SECOND LIFE image discussion on ‘peace walls’ and their role in the Northern Ireland conflict. Join us in Second Life for the event, or contact us directly if you want to join us on the Magee campus to get access that way.


The project was funded by HEIF (Higher Education Innovation Fund).

The project is run by Dr Brandon Hamber and Mike McCool from INCORE. Design work and building was undertaken by Kerri McCusker from the School of Computing and Intelligent Systems.

The peace wall component of the project was built in partnership with Professor Arthur Aughey and Dr Cathy Gormley-Heenan at the University of Ulster.

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