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About the Ethnic Conflict Research Digest

The Ethnic Conflict Research Digest publishes peer reviews of recently published books, journal articles and research papers on the dynamics and management of ethnic conflict. It aims to aid the dissemination of new research in a growing academic field. The study of ethnic conflict has become multi-disciplinary, thus benefiting from a variety of different sources and approaches. The downside of this multi-disciplinary approach, however, is the unfocused nature of many debates.The Digest attempts, in a small way, to redress this problem.

The Digest is aimed at both academics and policy-makers. It can act as a briefing tool for those working at the policy-making level of governments and non-governmental organisations who may not have the time to review the latest academic literature on ethnic conflict.

All the reviews are available on this website, in some cases months before they appear in hardcopy. The reviews can be searched using a combination of the following:

  • subject,
  • year of publication,
  • Author,
  • Title and
  • Reviewer.

Access to the search page can also be gained via the services menu at the top and bottom of this page. Longer Digest articles are also available on-line. Alternatively, you can download a PDF version of each issue of the Digest for printing via Adobe Acrobat.

The Digest depends on the co-operation of publishers, authors and reviewers. I would encourage you to consider sending us your published work for review or to act as a reviewer.

If interested in sending your work for review please send an email to ecrd@incore.ulst.ac.uk, or send a copy of the book directly to:

Dr Brandon Hamber
Editor (ECRD)
University of Ulster
Magee Campus
Aberfoyle House
Northland Road
Northern Ireland
BT48 7JA

To become a reviewer for the ECRD, visit the "Reviewer registration page" page.
For information on submission of a review, visit the "Reviewer information" page.
To see what books are currently available for review, visit the "Books for review" page

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