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INCORE guide to Internet sources on Security in Divided Societies.

Version 1/02 (May 2002, compiled by Kelly McDermott)


Inclusion in this guide does not imply an endorsement by INCORE of the views expressed in any of these sources.

Prime sources (A select list drawn from the categories below)

News Sources
Academic Articles
Non Governmental Organisations
Various sources

Country Specific Guides

Northern Ireland
South Africa
Sri Lanka

Prime sources

This list does not imply a recommendation of the sources or an endorsement of the views expressed in any of these sources. It is a select list drawn from the other categories in this document.

  • International Relations and Security Network
    ISN includes news, databases, events, projects and journals related to security issues world-wide. Focus is primarily on international issues, but internal security topics are included as well. Links library, FIRST reference database and publishing house especially helpful in searching for specific sources and topics.

  • South Eastern Europe Regional Documentation Network (SEEDON)
    The Documentation Network/Virtual Library is an excellent resource. Searchable by country, the site has links, articles, and data ranging from official reports to statistics to media resources and internet links. The vast majority of information on this site is directly related to security matters. Some material is only available by cite; most is linked to its home institution at the very least.

  • Humanitarian Law Centre
    HLC reviews many aspects of the conflict in the former Yugoslavia. Articles are available in full-text on-line. Some areas of interest can be found under Civil Remedies (articles relating to compensation for security forces’ actions, punishments, accountability issues), war crimes trials; Minorities (some articles focus on abuse and use of force by security forces, abuse/harassment by police, etc.); Resistance (information on arrests/re-arrests of resistance workers, police harassment of resistance advocates, etc.); Torture; Other (reports of police inaction, security forces’ violations, failures to comply, etc.)

  • European Security Journal
    Table of Contents and Abstracts available on-line. ESJ looks at security in general, but also contains material relevant to internal conflict. Example: “Civil-Military Cooperation In Complex Emergencies: Finding Ways To Make It Work” by Joëlle Jenny and “The Russian Security Council” by Carolina Vendil, both in Vol. 10, No. 2.

  • Bharat-Rakshak
    A comprehensive site on Indian security, with links to government agencies, non-governmental organisations, academic institutions, and personal web pages. Highlights include news and events available by military branch; forums on security and strategic issues and history and current affairs as well as forum archives on other topics; links to branches- see also military links at Bharat Rakshak for both Indian and worldwide military sites; and a brief history of conflicts since 1947.

  • South Asia Terrorism Portal
    A must see site for anyone looking at South Asian security issues. Includes links to India and specific regions (such as Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab), gives background information to conflicts, assessments, lings to documents, including acts and ordinances, data sheets, etc.

  • Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA)
    Full text articles dating back to 1997, plus special reports. The website also contains information on research guides, books, and has links to GLORIA (Global Research in International Affairs). The journal itself is a wealth of information for anyone looking at Middle East issues, in particular Israel and security/defense issues.

  • African Security Review
    Published by the Institute for Security Studies in South Africa, Many relevant articles to security, both military and policing, in South and Southern Africa.

News Sources

Academic Sources

  • Journals
    ISN – Military Defense Journals
    ISN provides a list of security related journals, both Swiss and international, including a short description of the focus and content of each, codes as to on-line availability, and links. A few of particular interest are listed below.
    • Armed Forces Journal International
      An American Journal focusing first on American military issues, but often includes comparative articles as well as articles specifically for policymakers on issues and countries world-wide. Key articles in the current issue and previous issue are available full-text. The site also includes two other journals, “Training and Simulation” and “Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance.”
    • Atlantic Monthly Defense
      An American perspective on defense in general- relevant articles are available full text. While the defense section covers all aspects and articles on defense, researchers may find some of particular interest, such as “Peace is Hell” – William Langewiesche, Oct. 2001.
    • Comparative Strategy
      This journal contains a lot on interstate security, but several articles do focus on internal security issues in particular case countries, such as Russia and South Asia. A few back issues are available only in Table of Contents format, but current volume is available full text.
    • International Security
      Table of Contents available for issues dating back to 1994- full text available on-line to subscribers. While focus is on international security, internal conflict and security is also prevalent throughout volumes- example: Volume 24, Issue 4, Spring 2000 contains relevant articles on the former Yugoslavia.
    • Journal of Strategic Studies
      JSS discusses many regional issues, such as China/Southeast Asia, European Security, and the Middle East (see Vol. 20 in particular). Table of Contents and Abstracts available on-line.
    • Security Dialogue
      Contains articles relevant to international and internal security. For example, March 2002 issue includes articles on Taiwan, Russia, Korea, terrorism, and of notable interest “Intervention as Nation-Building: Illusion or Possibility?” – Andrea Kathryn Talentino. Table of Contents for issues dating back to 1997 listed on-line, as well as abstracts for the current issue.
    • Security Studies
      A comprehensive journal covering a wide range of issues and countries/regions. Of particular interest is Volume 8, especially issues 1, 2, and 3 and Volume 10, issue 2 for a recent article on the security dilemma in ethnic conflict. Table of Contents and Abstracts available on-line.

  • Academic Articles
    • Badri-Maharaj, Sanjay. “Ethnic Armies- Race and Security Forces in Fiji, Guyana and Trinidad.” Monitor. Vol. 3(2), September-October 2000.
    • Oakley, Robert and Michael Dziedzic. “Policing the New World Disorder.” Institute for National Strategic Studies – Strategic Forum, No. 84 October 1996. http://www.ndu.edu/inss/strforum/forum84.html
    • Oakley, Robert B., Michael J. Dziedzic, and Eliot M. Goldberg (eds). Policing the New World Disorder: Peace Operations and Public Security. Institute for National Strategic Studies, 1998. Chapters available full text. Case countries include Cambodia, Somalia, El Salvador, Panama, Mozambique, Haiti and Bosnia; other chapters discuss relevant issues.
    • Joo, Rudolph. “Chaillot Paper 23: The Democratic Control of the Armed Forces.” Institute for Security Studies, February 1996.

    • Smith, Colonel Dan and Rachel Stohl. “The Evolving Role of Military Forces in Human Security.” Center for Defense Information, April 2000. http://www.cdi.org/issues/failedstates/april2000.html

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Non Governmental Organisations

  • Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF)
    DCAF provides full reports of seminars and conferences, as well as information on its work programmes (working groups), news and events, and a digital library. The site is full of relevant information for all interested in security information. For example, follow the links from work programme to working groups to Legal Dimension of Democratic Control of Armed Forces, and under projects, a legal database of over 100 legal acts from a variety of countries on several topics relating to security issues, including police and intelligence, is available. A list of acts relating to a country and topic will be given, and if full text access is needed, the contact information is available. The digital library is accessible in four languages, including English, and provides lists of resources, bibliographies, etc. available on-line. While the lists are not extensive, the material that is provided is often of particular relevance to many security topics.

  • International Relations and Security Network – ISN
    Run by the Center for Security Studies and Conflict Research at the ETH – Zurich. Contains news updates, current affairs links, and specific topic and country links. From the “Links” option, can choose region and then country – or – to subject, such as Military/Defense. A very complete site- may be useful to start with the site/link map.

  • The Centre for Defence and International Security Studies
    The Centre covers a wide range of topics relevant to security, including terrorism, arms control, technology and missile threats. Publications include the Bailrigg Papers, some of which are particularly relevant to intrastate security, specifically in Russia and South Africa. See the provided links page for more defence sites.

  • Civil-Military Relations – CDISS Research Area
    Includes material specific to security issues within states under topics such as “Armed Services and the State,” “Constitution and Military Law,” “Reserve Forces and Conscription,” and “Women, Minorities and Rights.”

  • Regional Centre for Strategic Studies
    South Asia specific forum on regional issues and security. See publications. Several articles on security and defense, including defense expenditures, available in full text. Newsletters also available on-line under publications.

  • FIRST – Facts on International Relations and Security Trends
    Joint Project of ISN and SIPRI
    – provides databases and statistics for a large range of security topics, including weaponry, conventions, etc., searchable by topic and country.

  • Partnership for Peace – Consortium of Defence Academies and Security Studies Institutes
    The Consortium is host to a variety of relevant working groups, including groups specific to Southern Asia and South Eastern Europe, and by topics such as civil-military relations. While relatively new, this organisation looks to become a very comprehensive and helpful site- the list of links across Europe is impressive, and its publications are beginning to gain momentum with the start of an on-line journal. Papers and Working group reports are also available on-line.

  • Vera Institute of Justice
    - The Vera Institute concentrates on US policing issues, but has also developed a comparative project- “Policing in Democratic Societies,” looking at countries such as Chile, Nigeria, and India.
    - Section on Policing - Briefly discusses the challenges to policing in democratic societies.

  • European Centre for Conflict Prevention and Transformation
    The Centre focuses on Peacebuilding and Prevention, and provides on-line access to articles and surveys. Many are relevant to security issues and overcoming challenges in divided societies. While there are many articles on Africa, other areas such as Northern Ireland and Germany are also reviewed.

  • George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies
    Of particular interest for researchers is the ability to search the Marshall Center library for bibliographic references. The site also contains MERLN – the Military Education Research Library Network – a consortium of libraries. While material is not available full-text, the libraries are helpful for those seeking text citations. Some citations will provide links to on-line access.

  • Institute for War and Peace Reporting
    An interesting site focusing on media also takes a look at security issues in divided societies around the world. Specific projects in the Balkans are useful, and information is available for several countries, including Israel. Reports, human rights report cards, and links are all available.

  • Derechos
    Internet-based human rights organisation provides information by country. Includes links and articles on most of the countries covered on this site, as well as many others. Many of the topics covered are related to abuse by security forces; some include recommendations for solutions and reforms of security forces.

  • Amnesty International
    Includes reports and news updates on many relevant topics and countries; reports often focus on abuse of power/authority and human rights violations. Particularly interesting are the recommendations included in many reports to both the state governments and to the international community. See “Rights at Risk: Amnesty International’s Concerns Regarding Security Legislation and Law Enforcement Measures” 18 January 2002; AI Index ACT 30/001/2002.
  • Human Rights Watch
    Human Rights Watch also focuses on the abuses of human rights, and produces press statements and reports relevant to the topic of security in divided societies.

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Various Sources

  • Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL)
    This site provides access to several databases as well as its own published material. “Public access” is available to all; “restricted access” requires subscription. Interesting military perspectives on security issues in several divided societies, as well as post-conflict reforms.

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