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INCORE guide to Internet sources on conflict in Thailand

Compiled by Lisa Brown (August 2005)


Inclusion in this guide does not imply an endorsement by INCORE of the views expressed in any of these sources. If you have a complaint about this guide or believe that we have omitted a relevant source please read our information about the guides before writing to us. You may find that this will answer some of your questions. This includes a warning about the type of information included in the guide, information about our 'criteria for inclusion' in the guides and about our 'updating and additions policy'.

http://www.un.org/Depts/Cartographic/map/profile/thailand.pdf (603)


Un map System
UN Map of Thailand
http://www.un.org/Depts/Cartographic/map/profile/thailand.pdf (604)

Thailand Maps
Website with a number of different maps of the country
http://www.thailandmaps.net (605)

News Sources - Email Lists

The Nation
The Nation is an independent English-language news and online service. Its website features the latest headlines, special reports on current affairs as well as links to various government agencies.
http://www.nationmultimedia.com/ (606)

The Bangkok Post
This site features daily news stories and commentaries about Thailand, to include current social and politics issues. It also allows you to access a complete archive section dating back to 1996. Non-members have free access to article summaries and recent full-text articles.
http://www.bangkokpost.com/ (607)

Thailand Radio
Thailand Radio provides the latest world news as well as stories on Thai current events. It presents special reports on Asian news as well as offering links to other useful sites and government agencies. The site also allows audio access to radio stations throughout Thailand
http://archive.wn.com/2005/05/11/1400/thailandradio/ (608)

As part of an international network of news sites, ThailandNews.Net provides all the latest breaking Thailand news, collating headlines and stories from a variety of sources including global TV networks, major newspapers, news wires and journalists. This comprehensive site also features upcoming events, a Thai directory and travel and tourism information.
http://www.thailandnews.net/ (609)

Thailand Daily
The Thailand Daily is an excellent source of international news stories and analysis of current affairs, business, finance and science. It also exhibits a particularly good 'society' section that allows you to access forums containing articles and relevant news reports on issues such as human rights, terrorism and women.
http://www.thailanddaily.com (610)

National News Bureau (NNB)
NNB is Thailand's official information centre from the Government Public Relations Department. An introduction to Thailand, the Monarchy, national policy, rules and regulations and general information and services.
http://thainews.prd.go.th/newsenglish/index.php (611)

This site sports daily Thai news that you won't find anywhere else. Since 1999, 2Bangkok has featured background and perspective on local news with summaries of the Thai-language press. Its 'Daily News and Views Archive' allows you to search for and access past news stories. 2Bangkok has extensive summaries of Thai history, politics and infrastructure.
http://2bangkok.com/ (612)

Asia Observer
Asia Observer is a start page for people who follow news and developments in East
and Southeast Asia. It provides links to key human rights and international organisations in Asia as well as a large collection of Asian-related links that might be of interest to academics. It country guide on Thailand features the latest news stories, information on the politics and society of Thailand and its economic climate. You can subscribe to the newsletter to receive updates from the Asia Observer.
http://www.asiaobserver.com/ (613)

Asia News Network
The Asia News Network (ANN) is a network of national daily newspapers published in Asian cities, organised to provide avenues for co-operation and to optimise coverage of major news events in the region. It looks at the headlines and stories on three levels: 'Inside Asia,' 'National Asia' and 'Asia and the World.' Its section entitled 'Columnists / Analyses' provides news coverage by a variety of Asian journalists. The ANN E-paper can be easily downloaded and is a thorough and interesting news resource.
http://www.asianewsnet.net/ (614)

Far Eastern Economic Review
A monthly magazine on Asia. For valuable insights on Asia’s business and political development. Contains an advanced search function and a fifty-eight year archive.
http://www.feer.com/ (615)

Asia Times Online
Asia Times Online is a quality Internet-only publication that reports and examines geopolitical, political, economic and business issues from an Asian perspective.
http://www.atimes.com/ (616)

National and Local Governmental Institutions and Agencies

Royal Thai Government Website
This is the official website, in English, of the Government of Thailand. It describes the structure, organisation and composition of the current government and exhibits recent press releases and speeches. It also provides links to a variety of government departments and agencies.
http://www.thaigov.go.th/index-eng.htm (617)

Thai Parliament
An overview of the Thai Parlimnet with links to other relative resources.
http://www.onlinemastersdegree.com ........ (618)

The Secretariat of the Senate
This website charts the organisation of Thailand's Senate, providing short synopses of the President, Vice Presidents and Senator. Furthermore, it details each of the Senate Committees, describing the work that they do and their current members. Examples include, the Committee for Justice and Human Rights and the Committee for Social Development. The Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand can also be accessed via this site
http://www.senate.go.th/eng/index_e.html (619)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of Thailand
A useful site for those interested in Thailand's foreign affairs. Apart from providing general information about the Ministry itself and the current Minister and Deputy Minister, it also details Thailand's foreign policies, visa/consular information and all foreign missions currently operating in Thailand.
http://www.mfa.go.th/web/1.php (620)

Office of the Royal Development Projects Board (ORDPB)
The ORDPB is considered a department under the direct supervision of the Prime Minister and is assigned the task of co-ordinating the implementation of the Royal Development Projects among agencies. Projects are designed with the aim of upgrading the well-being of the Thai people.Read about Royal activity highlights and news.
http://www.rdpb.go.th/main.asp?lang=EN (621)

Office of the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand
This office was established in order to guarantee the respect for human rights as stipulated in the Constitution. This website identifies human rights news, publications and articles in Thailand.
http://www.nhrc.or.th/en/ (622)

Thailand's Official Tsunami and Disaster Centre
Find out what caused the tsunami, the effect it had on a country-by-country basis and keep up to date with news of the ongoing reconstruction efforts. Also access the database of people that fell victim to the December 2004 tragedy.
http://www.thaitsunami.com/ (623)

The National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT)
The NRCT is the national body responsible for implementing research – related matters and considering research proposals. The objective of this newly developed NRCT website is to provide researchers, scholars, and interested people with research resources such as news, necessary knowledge, research information and research status in Thailand in order to assist research personnel and people concerned to effectively perform their research activities. A Thai version of this site is also available.
http://www.nrct.net/eng/index.php (624)

Bank of Thailand (B.O.T)
This is a well-presented and extensive website that provides general information about BOT and the Thai economy as well as more in depth coverage of exchange rates, monetary policies and research and publications.
http://www.bot.or.th/bothomepage/index/index_e.asp (625)

External Governmental Institutions and Agencies

CIA World Factbook
Summarised essential facts about Thailand, provided by CIA. It is a quick reference guide for information on the geography, people, government, transportation, economy, communications, and military in Thailand.
http://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook/geos/th.html (626)

U.S Department of State: Thailand
This background note on Thailand gives a brief description of Thailand's history, people and economy, as well as its current governmental and political situation.
http://www.state.gov/r/pa/ei/bgn/2814.htm (627)

U.S Library of Congress Country Study: Thailand
An extensive country study that looks at all aspects of Thai society in detail. It provides a thorough, up-to-date history lesson, an overview of Thailand's ethnic and religious makeup and the impact this has on intra-state relations. It also gives a break down of the Thai government structure and issues of national security that they are currently facing.
http://lcweb2.loc.gov/frd/cs/thtoc.html (628)

Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Country Profile: Thailand
This country profile provides a background brief of Thailand. It includes information on Thailand’s recent history, recent political developments, relations with the international community and bilateral political and commercial relations with the UK, as well as links to other relevant pages on the FCO website.
http://www.fco.gov.uk ........ (629)

Department for International Development: South East Asia (DFIDSEA)
DFIDSEA's purpose is to improve the collective efforts of donors and governments to reduce poverty in the poorer countries of South East Asia. The Head of DFIDSEA is based in Bangkok.
View the UK’s official response to the tsunami disaster and access publications and situation reports on the recovery of the region.
http://www.dfid.gov.uk/countries/asia/thailand.asp (630)

British Council: Thailand
The United Kingdom's international organisation set up to advance educational and cultural relations between Britain and Thailand. Its site details some of their current partnerships on educational exchanges, arts events and a teen network. Subscribe to their newsletter for latest British Council's Thailand news.
http://www.britishcouncil.or.th/en/index.asp (631)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China
This page details the extent of bilateral relations between the PRC and Thailand. It summarises their political relationship, the extent of economic, trade and technological co-operation, and the bilateral agreements that both countries have signed up to.
http://www.fmprc.gov.cn/eng/wjb/zzjg/yzs/gjlb/2787/default.htm (632)

Ministry of External Affairs, India
This site features a country-specific guide to Thailand and its relations with India. It covers bilateral political and security initiatives, trade and investment agreements and collaboration in science and technological projects.
http://meaindia.nic.in/ (633)

Department of Foreign Affairs: Republic of Indonesia
The section that details bilateral relations with Thailand is especially relevant to this study. It presents a 2005 report on the prospects for continued cooperation between the two countries. An comprehensive illustration of their current relationship and how this is likely to develop.
http://www.deplu.go.id ........ (635)

International Multilateral Organisations (IOs)

Bangladesh-India-Myanmar-Sri Lanka-Thailand (Economic Cooperation) BIMST-EC
This organisation was set up in 1997 to foster co-operation and development among these countries. (Bhutan and Nepal were admitted in 2004). It was envisioned as bridge linking Southeast Asia and South Asia and expects it to lead to ever growing economic, commercial and investment interaction between the two regions, between ASEAN and SAARC and between Thailand and India. Its webpage offers member country profiles, current news, existing and potential trade agreements and projects they are currently working on.
http://www.bimstec.org/ (634)

Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN)
This comprehensive website features up-to-date ASEAN news and events, statistics and details of summits, publications and speeches. Its archive section also permits access to all ASEAN treaties and agreements that have been signed since 1967.
http://www.aseansec.org/ (636)

ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Organisation (AIPO)
AIPO aims to foster greater understanding, co-operation and goodwill among the peoples of ASEAN and enhance ASEAN's regional aspiration for peace, stability, resilience and progress. This website permits access to AIPO's quarterly news bulletin for up-to-date news and activities. There are also links to member state's government sites.
http://www.aipo.org/default.htm (637)

Asia - Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)
APEC is an intergovernmental forum that aims to facilitate economic growth, co-operation, trade and investment in the Asia-Pacific region. Its well-presented website documents latest APEC news and highlights as well as information regarding its work, its achievements, member state's economies and ongoing projects.
http://www.apec.org/apec.html (638)

Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum (APPF)
An organisation of parliamentarians from the Asia-Pacific region, the APPF, seeks to provide opportunities to identify and discuss matters of common concern and interest and to highlight them in a global context. The APPF acts to promote greater regional identification and cooperation with the aim of advancing regional peace and security. Read the minutes and the results of annual meetings from 1993 and official publications released by the APPF.
http://www.appf.org.pe/ (639)

United Nations Development Programme in Thailand
UNDP, the United Nations Development Programme, creates and supports partnerships to fight poverty and leads in advice, advocacy and resources to empower the poor. This website documents the thematic areas that are covered by the UNDP-Thailand partnership, which include responsive governance, environmentally sustainable development, HIV/AIDS and Tsunami recovery.
http://www.undp.or.th/ (640)

World Trade Organization
This site displays key information regarding Thailand's participation in the WTO since it joined in 1995.
http://www.wto.org/english/thewto_e/countries_e/thailand_e.htm (641)

International Financial Institutions (IFIs)

International Monetary Fund: Thailand
This country-specific guide details Thailand's financial position in the IMF, its exchange rates and economic outlook. Financial news, articles and working papers are also available to download and read.
http://www.imf.org/external/country/THA/ (642)

World Bank: Thailand
This thorough country page explains the role of the World Bank in Thailand. Packed with data, statistics, analysis and summaries, this site paints a detailed picture of Thailand's economic climate. It also has information on the three active World Bank projects underway in the country.
http://www.worldbank.or.th/ (643)

Asian Development Bank (ADB)
The ADB is a multilateral finance institution that promotes economic and social progress in the Asia-Pacific region. It formulates operational strategies for individual countries, including economic and policy analyses, and undertakes country performance reviews which provide a basis for policy dialogue with the governments of member countries. Read these reports and reviews and access key economic figures and statistics.
http://www.adb.org/default.asp (644)

International Non-Governmental Organisation (INGOs), Research Institutes, Non-State Actors

International Crisis Group: Thailand Page
The International Crisis Group is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organisation, working through field-based analysis and high-level advocacy to prevent and resolve deadly conflict. Crisis Group’s Jakarta-based team reports and recommends policy on the situation in southern Thailand.
http://www.crisisgroup.org/home/index.cfm?id=3389&l=1 (645)

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC): Thailand Country Page
This country page offers an excellent service for victims of the tsunami to register their details in order to facilitate the exchange of family news. Also details news of the upsurge in violence in the southern provinces.
http://www.icrc.org/Web/Eng/siteeng0.nsf/htmlall/thailand?OpenDocument (646)

Amnesty International Thailand
A worldwide voluntary activist group working for human rights, AI online offers a review of human rights issues in Thailand and how you can take part in their ongoing campaigns. This site is available in Thai or English.
http://www.amnesty.or.th/ (647)

Oxfam GB in East Asia: Thailand Country Page
Oxfam's Thailand Programme is documented on this site. It is filled with personal stories, case studies and documents. It also provides abstracts of and links to partner organisations working in collaboration with Oxfam in Thailand.
http://www.oxfamgb.org/eastasia/thailand/index.html (648)

Local Non-Governmental Organisation (NGOs), Civil Society Organisations, Research Institutes, Non-State Actors

Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI)
TDRI is a non-profit, non-governmental policy research institute. It aims to contribute to the formation of policies that offer long-term implications for Thailand's economic and social development. Its projects, past and present, can be accessed online.
http://www.info.tdri.or.th/ (649)

The Asia Foundation: Thailand Page
The Asia Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation committed to the development of a peaceful, prosperous, and open Asia-Pacific region. The Foundation supports programs in Asia that help improve governance and law, economic reform and development, women's empowerment, and international relations. Details of all these projects can be accessed on this site. It also includes a special section on the Foundation's response to the recent Tsunami.
http://www.asiafoundation.org/Locations/thailand.html (650)

Thailand World Affairs Centre
This independent, non-partisan, non-profit centre aims to promote a better understanding of Thailand among foreigners. Its site presents articles it deems to be useful to foreigners under the headings government and politics, military and security, economy, society and foreign relations.
http://www.thaiwac.ias.chula.ac.th/index_frameset_e.htm (651)

Articles, Papers, Reports, Agreements

Not Enough Graves:The War on Drugs, HIV/AIDS, and Violations of Human Rights (July 2004 - Human Rights Watch)
Upon taking office in February 2001, Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra declared the “prevention and suppression” of narcotic drugs as one of his top priorities. This report challenges the government's “war on drugs” which began in February 2003. It provides startling figures and statistics to back up its claims.
http://hrw.org/reports/2004/thailand0704/ (652)

Southern Thailand: Insurgency, Not Jihad
This 48-page ICG-report offers an historical explanation for the 2004 upsurge in violence in Southern Thailand.
http://www.crisisgroup.org/home/index.cfm?id=3436&l=1 (653)

Origins of Malay Muslim "Separatism" in Southern Thailand. (October 2004).
This paper seeks to unravel and clarify the ongoing conflict and problems between the Malay Muslims in the South and the Thai government. A largely historical piece.
http://www.ari.nus.edu.sg/docs/wps/wps04_032.pdf (654)

PolitInfo.com: Southern Thailand Violence
PolitInfo.com is an independent and non-partisan portal for political resources, news, and information. The link below hosts an archive of articles specifically related to the violence in South Thailand.
http://www.politinfo.com/articles/thailand.php (655)

Trouble in Thailand's Muslim South: Separatism, not Global Terrorism
A short but concise article that explains the Thai government's alienation of the Muslims in the southern provinces could entice international terrorists into the country to take advantage of the political situation.
http://www.apcss.org ........ (656)

Thailand Memorandum on Human Rights Concerns
This report assesses the current human rights situation in Thailand stressing particular concern over the state response to the escalation of violence in the Muslim-dominated South.
http://web.amnesty.org/library/index/engasa390132004#top (657)

United Nation Human Rights Committee: Consideration of Reports Submitted by States Parties. Initial Report: Thailand (CCPR/C/THA/2004/1) 02/08/04
This report was implemented to complement Article 40 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. It deals with Thailand's legislative, administrative and judicial processes that serve to implement various provisions of the Covenant.
http://www.unhchr.ch ........ (658)

Institutionalised Torture, Extrajudicial Killings and Uneven Application of Law in Thailand: An Alternative Report of Thailand to the Human Rights Committee. March 2005 (Revised April 2005).
Concerned with the human rights situation in Thailand, this report highlights specific cases of violations of civil and political rights, proposing legal and institutional changes to prevent further abuses, ensuring appropriate punishment for the perpetrators and redress for the victims.
http://www.alrc.net/PDF/ALRC_HRC_Thailand_2005.pdf (659)

United Nation Human Rights Committee: Consideration of Reports Submitted by States Parties - List of issues to be taken up in connection with the consideration of the initial report of THAILAND (CCPR/C/THA/2004/1) 28/04/2005.
This list of issues was sent to the Thai government, asking them to provide examples and evidence of how Thailand is meeting specific provisions of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The response to these questions will form the basis of Thailand's next report to the Human Rights Committee in late 2005.
http://www.unhchr.ch ........ (660)

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