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INCORE guide to Internet sources on conflict in Nepal

(September 1999)


Inclusion in this guide does not imply an endorsement by INCORE of the views expressed in any of these sources. If you have a complaint about this guide or believe that we have omitted a relevant source please read our information about the guides before writing to us. You may find that this will answer some of your questions. This includes a warning about the type of information included in the guide, information about our 'criteria for inclusion' in the guides and about our 'updating and additions policy'.


Maps of Nepal
Taken from the Perry-Castaņeda Library Map Collection.
http://www.lib.utexas.edu/Libs/PCL/Map_collection/Map_collection.html (1089)

News Sources - Email Lists

News from Nepal updated several times a day; includes a comprehensive set of links to other news sources.
http://www.nepalnews.com/ (1081)

Daily News
This site brings together news about Nepal from different sources (Khathmandu Post, Washington Post, Associated Press News, Reuters).
http://www.samilan.com/news.html (1085)

The Independent
This weekly paper presents several of it's news article and reports online; the site is also maintained by nepalnews.com.
http://www.nepalnews.com/independent.htm (1086)

Kathmandu Post
English langauge newspaper based in the Nepalese capital.
http://www.kantipuronline.com/paper.php?id=2 (1095)

Asia Times
The Asia Times gives quality news analysis of political developments across Asia. Nepal items can be found in this, the south Asia Section.
http://www.atimes.com/atimes/South_Asia.html (1103)

External Governmental Institutions and Agencies

US Library of Congress Country Studies: Nepal
As the research for this report has been completed by September 1991 the information is slightly dated, but it still offers valuable background information. Chapters include:
Caste and Ethnicity: Ethnic Groups
Caste and Ethnicity: Caste System
Caste and Ethnicity: Language
Security Environment: Internal Security Considerations
http://lcweb2.loc.gov/frd/cs/nptoc.html#np0148 (1083)

US State Department Travel Information reports
Includes information on recent political developments and are issued regularly through the year. They always provides the most recent reports.
You can also receive them through the "travel-advisories@stolaf.edu" mailing list . To subscribe, send a message containing the word "subscribe" to: travel-advisories-request@stolaf.edu.
http://travel.state.gov/nepal.html (1090)

CIA World Factbook
It is particularly useful for background information on government and politics in Nepal.
http://travel.state.gov/nepal.html (1091)

The FCO UK (Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom) travel advisories
Includes information on recent political developments and are issued regularly through the year.
http://www.fco.gov.uk/travel/default.asp (1092)

Conflict Mitigation Program - USAID
US Agency for International Development runs a conflict mitigation programme from its Nepal office. Details here.
http://www.usaid.gov/np/programs/cm_main.html (1109)

International Multilateral Organisations (IOs)

EU Conflict Prevention & Civilian Crisis Management
Nepal: Conflict and Food Security in Nepal - A Preliminary Analysis. Report from a EU 2003 assessment mission
http://europa.eu.int/comm/external_relations/cpcm/mission/nepal03.htm (1106)

International Financial Institutions (IFIs)

ADB- Asian Development Bank
Nepal portal page for the Asian Development Bank (ADB), an Asian financial assistance organisation aiming to promote socio-economic development across the continent
http://www.adb.org/Nepal/default.asp (1105)

International Non-Governmental Organisation (INGOs), Research Institutes, Non-State Actors

The Ethnologue
The Ethnologue offers information on ethnic groups in Nepal.
http://www.sil.org/ethnologue/countries/Nepa.html (1084)

Amnesty International
AI has several reports and news releases concerning Nepal:
http://www.amnesty.org/ailib/countries/indx331.htm (1087)

The Nepal Studies Association (NSA)
The NSA's Himalayan Research Bulletin is only available by supscription, but a couple of academic articles are published online:
http://www.macalester.edu/~guneratne/index.html (1088)

Nepal - Maoist Insurgency
International Crisis Group portal page outlining both its own work in and on the civiol conflict in nepal and giving access to other sources of news, reports, humanitarian issues, etc.
http://www.crisisgroup.org/home/index.cfm?id=2929&l=1 (1093)

Asian Centre for Human Rights
Based in new Delhi, the ACHR monitirs and reports on human rights issues in various Asian countries, Nepal included. Features online reports onpecific issues and atrocities.
http://www.achrweb.org/index.htm (1099)

INCORE - South Asian Conflict Resolution Training
Details on INCORE's highly-successful 2004 training programme for south Asians working in or on conflict resolution in their region/country. Nepal was one of the countries covered and a number of Nepalese delegates took part.
http://www.incore.ulster.ac.uk/courses/saarc (1100)

2004 INCORE Nepalese study tour
In January 2004 INCOREs Local International Learning Project took a delegation of Nepalese MPs to Northern Ireland to participate in a study tour of the Northern Ireland peace process.
http://www.incore.ulst.ac.uk/policy/lilp/nst.html (1101)

South Asia Analysis Group (SAAG)
The South Asia Analysis Group is an India-based thinkt-ank publsihing regular political analysis reports and papers on international and political affairs in Asia. This is the link to the SAAG Nepal page.
http://www.saag.org/searchb10.asp?search=nepal&searchtype=all (1102)

IMPACS - Conflict Conscious News Management in Nepal
A report from a seminar held to enhance to role of the Nepalese media in conflict-peace sensitive reporting, held by IMPACS, the Institute for Media, Policy and Civil Society.
http://www.impacs.org/media/mediapeacebuilding/conflictconscious (1108)

Local Non-Governmental Organisation (NGOs), Civil Society Organisations, Research Institutes, Non-State Actors

The Nepali Homepage
The Nepali Homepage provides links to a wide range of information on Nepal. It also hosts a number of statistical tables and articles including:
A basic fact sheet on Nepal
A short history of Nepal
Nepal's political structure
Nepali Organizations Abroad
http://www.nepalhomepage.com (1082)

Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC)
INSEC provides an online information portal into human rights issues in Nepal and the interaction of these issues with the ongoing civil conflict.
http://www.inseconline.org/ (1098)

Nepal Peace Campaign
Local NGO advocating for a peaceful resolution to the conflict. Conducts international exchanges and study tours with the aim of instilling peacebuilding and conflict transformation norms inot dilaogue in Nepal/
http://www.campaign.org.np/ (1104)

Articles, Papers, Reports, Agreements

Nepal: Obstacles to Peace
2003 ICG report outlining the key issues hindering a peaceful solution to the epalese conflict. Offers recommendations to protagonists and the international community on what are deemed workable conflict resolution or peacemaking strategies.
http://www.crisisgroup.org/home/index.cfm?id=1644&l=1 (1094)

Nepal National Human Development Report, 2004
Report by the UN development agency on the role of poverty reduction in improving living conditions and socio-economic opportunities for Nepalese
http://hdr.undp.org/reports/detail_reports.cfm?view=935 (1096)

Gunning for Nepal
An April 2005 TIME magazine special report on the Nepalese civil war. Gives sweeping overview of the current state of play in the conflict, along with some human interest interjections. Journalistic in style.
http://www.time.com/time/asia/2005/nepal/story.html (1097)

Mercy Corps - western Nepal conflict assessment
A 2003 conflict assessment carried out by the US-based aid-humanitarian NGO. Report is in .pdf format and comes in Nepali and English
http://www2.mercycorps.org/items/1662/ (1107)

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