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Peace Agreements
(Click on a Region below for a listing of peace agreements by country)

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Although they vary enormously in complexity, number of actors, timescale and outcome, peace processes have become the orthodox way in which low intensity, seemingly intractable, ethnic conflicts reached an accommodation in the 1990s. A clear trend towards internally agreed initiatives, rather than externally imposed settlements, is noticeable. Yet, the majority of peace accords fail. Often, peace accords fail to anticipate post-conflict problems, or are regarded as a staging post in the conflict. The accords are worth examining in detail though. This is particularly the case from a comparative perspective. It has become increasingly common for actors in one peace process to borrow from the experiences of others. To this end, the publication and widespread dissemination of recent peace accords has enormous merit.

You can access and download a selection of peace agreements by using the map above to select your area of interest.

Discussion of Recent Peace Agreements and Cease-fires.

Thanks to James Rae, USIP Research Assistant to Professor John Darby, for initial research into this area. Special thanks also to Fernand de Varennes, the 1999/2000 Tip O'Neill Fellow at INCORE, who provided the text for such a wide range of agreements.

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